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No Shave November Starting Week


Hey Guys!

Today’s Halloween, which is a fun time for children and parents to interact and have a good time.  I recently helped host the SBU Boo Fest stand.  We made origami bats and pumpkins for the children who are affected with diabetes.  Halloween is a fun time, but looking forward starts the month of November, and more specifically No Shave November.  Women have Breast Cancer Awareness month and their symbol is the pink ribbon.  Testicular cancer is supported by No Shave November and the beards that men of all ages grow.  Some individuals may want to participate in Movember, which is similar to No Shave November but the focus is more on growing a mustache.

I personally do not grow the most impressive beard, but I’m going to have some fun with this.  I posted a before picture, and after November I will post an after photo.  Feel free to upload your own before and after pictures!

Have a great week!

My Favorite Aspect

What would you say is the coolest thing about college, and more specifically STLCOP?  There are so many facets that make college really enjoyable.  Coming from a small town, there really wasn’t much to do in the form of entertainment.  At STLCOP there is something fun to do every single day.  The SBUP and Student Life department do a wonderful job creating entertaining activities for students.  This weekend there will be a Tetris tournament.  How awesome is that?!

Personally, my favorite aspect of living at STLCOP is being able to be myself without fear of judgement.  Never before in my life have I been able to truly express myself.  Not only am I growing academically, but I also am finding who I truly am.

Feel free to comment and tell your friends!

Weekly Poll 10/25/11

Top Ten Things to Love About Living in the Central West End of St. Louis

10. Froyo

The first place that I ever spent money at while at college, and it was well worth it.  To imagine the quality of this soft-serve yogurt, think ice cream times ten.  They have flavors that range from pomegranate, cake batter, peach, and many more.  This little store is within walking distance from the STLCOP campus, which makes it even harder to resist.

9.  Forest Park

Just like Froyo, Forest Park is within walking distance from the STLCOP campus.  This park features a golf course, lake, beautiful scenery, and many biking/running trails.  I even witnessed fireworks being shot off from Forest Park!  This area is vast, and I look forward to exploring it more deeply in the future.

8.  St. Louis Sports Teams

The games of the NHL Blues, NFL Rams, and MLB Cardinals are only a short metro ride away.  As I write this, the Cardinals are currently representing the NL division in the World Series!

7.  Hans Wok

I just recently discovered this Chinese Restaurant.  For only five dollars I had my fill of wonderful delicacies.  I look forward to going their more often.

6.  Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Living next door to this great facility always find a way to inspire me.  I also was able to receive a flu shot…for free!  This place provides many great services that come in handy.

5.  Becker Library

If allowed access (and all STLCOP students are), Becker library is a wonderful study tool.  It is perfect for a long study session.

4.  Chase Theater

One of the things that I wish they had told me at Orientation was that this m0vie theater is only a short walk away from STLCOP’s campus.  The ticket price for a movie is only $6.50 for students!

3.  Metro Link

This transportation system makes getting from one area in St. Louis to another a breeze.

2.  Closeness of Everything

Since coming to STLCOP I have not missed my car one bit.  Everything that I could possibly want to venture to is either walking distance or a metro ride away.

1.  You tell me!

Tell me about your favorite thing about living in the Central West End.  The numbers of things to do here are endless.  You can find something new and interesting almost every single day.  Let us all know about your experiences.

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Hello World

I am currently a first year student here at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. I have been asked to blog about my experiences at this college. If anybody has questions for me, feel free to ask. Please tell everyone who is affiliated with STLCOP about this blog. I am new to wordpress, but I plan on using all of its features at some point or another.

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