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Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long since my last post! I’ve had a stressful past couple of weeks with exams and such. It’s all good though because now it is time for Thanksgiving! This is one of the greatest holidays ever. How many days of the year are you allowed to overindulge on food and not be judged? Thanksgiving also offers a terrific menu. Who can pass up turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, apple pie, and so much more?

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Problem Solved

With the 57th presidential election looming overhead, one must prioritize what is important to accomplish over the next few years?  The United States is in great economic and political crises.  How can we get back to the positive successes of the past?  Being a medical student, I take a scientific approach to this question.  What made the United States successful in the past?  The answer lies in the common man and his ability to have success.  If the United States wants to accomplish much in the future, it must strengthen the common man (its core).  The best way to go about this is to prepare individuals for their professions.  The more education an individual receives will correlate to greater opportunities for professional success in his/her life.  Education is the key ingredient to fixing the issues that the United States faces.

How can we fix the lagging education in the United States?  The main issue is the lack of caring on the students’ part.  Many students view a “C” equally to an “A.”  The best way to persuade students to take their education more seriously is to add benefits to receiving higher grades.  Nationwide, high schools should allow all of their students to receive a fifth year of education.  This education would be free to students who have maintained high honors throughout their scholastic careers.  In order to keep a level playing field, the SAT or ACT scores that a student earns could also factor into eligibility.  The added bonus is that these classes would all be acceptable college credit.  Students would be persuaded to work harder in school in order to receive free college-level courses.

The students who do not manage to receive the scholarship would be allowed to attend the fifth year at a reasonable price.  These students would be able to receive college credit, while keeping a short distance  to travel.  The reasonable price of the fifth year of schooling may persuade people who would not normally attend a college to further their education to do so, since they have already received some college credits.  This factor would greatly benefit the United States, because it is only as strong as its weakest link.  Every student who finishes the regular fourth year of schooling would still receive his/her high school diploma, thus nobody would be shorted in this new process.

Many teenagers are not prepared to handle living away from home.  Moving away to college is a huge adjustment, and many are not ready.  Adding another year on to high school would allow teenagers to mature and become more prepared for this change.

Students would not be the only people to greatly benefit from a fifth year of high school.  Teaching jobs in this country are few and far between.  With another year of schooling, more teaching jobs would become available.  Instantly the economy would be boosted with more job opportunities.   A greater number of students staying in the high school facility will require more room for classes.  This need for those that work in construction would also instantly boost the economy.

Many may argue that adding on to a fifth year of school is an expensive change.  What those people must realize is that initially it will be more expensive, but in the long run the nation will benefit.  There will be more people with less debt and more individuals having a greater education.  Not only will there be greater job opportunities for people, which will boost the economy, but the nation would also be filled with an overall greater level of intellectual thinking.  Change is good.

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How so fast???

It seems like just a week ago when I first moved into the Res Hall.  Time sure has flown by.  I’ve experienced a lot since then, made many new friends, and have learned a ton.  Pharmacy school is a bunch of work, but looking back on it so far it has been well worth it.  This semester has been quite the roller coaster and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Finals are just around the corner, and just like my first lecture and exam, I am not sure what to expect.  One things for certain, no matter what people say form your own opinions.  The worst thing you can do is worry and fret over something that is not changeable.  Everybody experiences things differently, and this is what makes the journey through life special.

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Fall Bug

This past week I started to feel awful.  My head throbbed, my throat ached, and my stomach churned.  It took all of my strength to not faint.  I decided that it was necessary to visit a doctor of some sort before my illness became worse.  I made an appointment at SLU Care on Tuesday.  The STLCOP Security was nice enough to drive me to SLU for the visit.  I was in and out of the doctor’s office within twenty minutes.  Despite having bad symptoms, all that I had was a major cold.  The doctor at SLU Care was extremely nice.  She said that there was not any medicine she could prescribe that could cure me quickly, but she did recommend a nasal spray to help my congestion.  Upon returning with the help of STLCOP Security once again, I was off to purchase this spray.  I talked my roommate into going with me and I assure you he would not regret it.  On the way back from the pharmacy, we happened to recognize the pitcher, Chris Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals.  He was eating just outside of a Euclid restaurant.  He was kind enough to take a picture with my roommate and to shake my hand.  Despite feeling sick for the next few days after, I had a memorable moment in the Central West End that I will not soon forget.