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Hey guys!

I’m sitting in a rocking chair just outside of my grandparents winter home in Florida.  I’m currently about an hour south of Orlando.  My family and I left the house around 5:30 a.m. for Lambert Airport.  We took a flight to Nashville, TN.  I sat by the nicest girl named Courtney.  She actually was heading home from St. Louis to Jacksonville, FL.  After our flight to TN, we had a layover for about an hour.  The next flight took us to Tampa Bay, FL.  Picking up our luggage was pretty funny because we took about five escalators trying to find our belt.  After picking up our luggage, we rented a car there which is actually pretty sweet, and drove for a couple of hours to my Grandparents’ house.  I don’t remember most of the trip because I slept most of the way.

Nothing like chilling in 70 degree weather in Sebring, FL.  We are thinking about going to Sarasota beach tomorrow and my sister just said that when we say that name that we’re asking her if she wants a soda.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Spring Cleaning

O.K. guys I’d appreciate it if you commented on what I could improve upon on this blog/ what you already like seeing.  Please leave your comments below.

Almost Christmas!

Christmas is on the way!  Who would have thought that it would have been here so quickly?  I guess time flies when you are so busy and are having a great time as well.  I work at a pharmacy in my hometown and they keep me very busy.  They are such a blessing to me.  I am learning lots working there, and they are giving me priceless experience.  They just had their annual Christmas dinner and it was a blast!  Not only do they provide a fun work environment, but they also are very patient with me.  Being a pharmacy technician bombards you with new regulations and ways to do things.  It is no wonder how I can come across a new challenge everyday.  Often times I do not know how to handle issues and they have the patience to help me with whatever I need.

Being home also reinforces the fact that there is just so much more to do in St. Louis than Southern Illinois.  Here you have to find something to do where in St. Louis, exciting events are practically handed to you.  It is O.K. however, because the change keeps everything fresh.

I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday!  Keep me posted on what you all are doing this break!

No Shave November Finale

Hey everyone!

It was an itchy November but I stuck through it and posted my after photo under here. I am proud to say that I did not even touch up my beard one bit. It was interesting to find out that I can only grow hair in the form of a chinstrap.

It’s crazy to think that I only have a little over a week left of my first semester. Hopefully finals will go well. I’ve started doing my Biology outcomes and it’s awesome to realize that I still remember a lot of the material. Hopefully the Chemistry final isn’t too extremely hard. I’ve heard a lot of things about it and not too many of them have been good. I still don’t take what people say about certain classes all too seriously. I also have Calculus which will not be too awful. It’ll be quite the experience taking my first college finals.

Registration is tomorrow!!! Hopefully I can get the classes at the times that I want. Nothing like a free-for-all at 7 a.m. to sign up. It would be awful if my computer froze up. I am just not going to worry about all of the negative possibilities. Stay positive because things usually work out. Worrying about stuff doesn’t solve anything.

Have a great Holiday everyone!