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First Week of School

It feels oh so good to be back!

I’ve been working really hard getting prepared for an amazing school year.  I have not one but two planners that I’ve been organizing this past week.  It’ll be really busy, but that’s how I like it. 

I came back to school a week early to go through RA training.  It was ridiculously fun!  I got to mesh with the other RAs and learn a lot of the tricks to the trade.  I worked really hard on the floor and early programs and I think they turned out very well. 

I’m really excited about the residents, especially my floor!  They all seem really cool and interesting.  I’m really enjoying getting to know them. 

My classes are going pretty well so far.  Organic chemistry is way more interesting than general chemistry.  I have to write a paper tonight for my leadership class.  I highly recommend it to anyone who can take it.  I learned so much and had a great time as well. 

I’ll leave you 1st years with a question.  How has your first week of school been?  Let me know!