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Don’t be sad because it’s over, but rather smile because it happened… – Dr. Seuss

Wow that break went by fast!  Six weeks is nothing when you are working and trying to survive all the family time.  (Just kidding I promise)  Here’s what’s going on in the life of Nick Potter for the next few weeks.

I had a seizure the week of finals, so Dean Kilgore was generous enough to let me postpone my finals until after break.  Well now is that time, so in the next few days I’ll have to finish up my finals that I missed out on.  The secret to succeeding at STLCOP is to not fall behind, so I have to make sure that this next semester doesn’t start off poorly. 

I’m going to beef up my floor for this next semester too.  I’ve really been trying to come up with an original theme and the best idea I thought of was MOTIVATION DOMINATION.  I’m going to fill my floor with inspiring quotes, images, and anything to cheer you up and push you forward. 

As the president of my class I’m working with the Class of 2018 on future projects and also finishing up projects that rolled over from last semester. 

My last big project will involve participating in research with the Radiation and Oncology center at Wash U.  I got to meet with my research team that was introduced to me by Dr. Salama here at STLCOP.  I’m ridiculously excited about this opportunity and am seriously looking forward to this project.

Have a great week everyone!