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Chance At A New Future

Obama won the election.  Whether or not you like this statement or not, one thing shines through.  U.S. citizens are witnessing issues in the political and economic system.  People turned out in droves to vote for the person who they felt would do a better job at tackling the issues.  What these people need to realize is that this person is THEMSELVES.  Sitting helplessly and pointing all of your past and current problems at one individual is dodging the real problem.  I am a firm believer in this definition of insanity.  “Insanity is doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result.”  If you want a change in your life, MAKE THE CHANGE.  If you want to see a difference at your job or in school, BE THE CHANGE.

As I progress through the program at STLCOP, I constantly feel the pressure of growing up.  I have to make decisions that will affect the rest of my life.  It’s very scary to think of the consequences of a poor choice, but it’s equally as exciting to think of the power that I have to positively impact others.  I have been given the wonderful opportunity of being born a citizen of the United States of America, and I intend on taking advantage of the freedoms that this brings.  YOU NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SAME BENEFIT.

I hope this blog post makes you really think and realize the tremendous power that you do have as a citizen. Not everyone is on the same playing field, but if we all do our best to advance our current situation and the situations of others, we will finally turn this nation around.  It is our duty to not only make the change in ourselves, but hold others accountable as well.  We are all on the planet together and we all want to succeed.  Why not work together?


Grandfather Clock

Just recently, my grandpa (who is awesome by the way) called my father and offered to give him an old grandfather clock that has been in his home for quite some time.  So sure enough, my dad asks me to go with him to my grandpa’s house and pick up this clock.  We had no idea what to expect.  We couldn’t remember the exact size, style, or even how it worked.  Despite this, we packed up some restraints and blankets and headed off.

Arriving at the house we found the clock in a corner next to my grandpa’s fireplace.   This clock was much larger than we could have guessed.  The first thing we had to do was take out the weights and pendulum inside of the clock.  They are free-swinging and could potential break the glass case they are in.  An eight-feet tall clock is very awkward to carry, but luckily we had a dolly to roll the clock outside into my dad’s truck.  We wrapped the clock in blankets and supported them with duct tape.  Next we attached restraints from every angle to make sure that the clock did not move.  I can only imagine the thoughts people had as we drove this coffin-sized object through a neighboring town to get home.

The next big step was to put the clock inside our house and set it up.  We didn’t know how it worked, or if it even worked at all!  We were now pros at moving the clock inside.  That was definitely the easy part.  Setting up the weights and pendulum in a way to make it work was a different story.  Pulling on the chains within the clock led to a bigger disaster as they fell from the clock.  We were sure that our work was for nothing and we had broken it.

I spent the next hour searching online for ways in which to fix this giant contraption.  I found a few good websites that showed how the gears in the clock worked by using the force of gravity as energy.  The weights turned the gears which in turn rotated the clock.  The pendulum swinging kept the clock working in a consistent and timely manner.  Once we set up the chains in the correct manner, the rest was a piece of cake.  The clock now works wonderfully!  It is definitely something that I will want to bring into my own home in the future.

Smart Phone

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about what I would recommend to incoming 1st years.  One thing that gets overlooked so much is the fact that we live in a fast-pace society and being connected is becoming more and more important.  The best way to stay organized and in touch with all of your peers is with a smart phone.

I just got a Droid 4, and I absolutely love it.  It keeps my calendar, tasks, and email in sync with my school account.  No longer will I miss an event due to getting the email too late.

Anyone that doesn’t have a smart phone coming into STLCOP should highly consider it.  I know the cost is greater, but there isn’t really a reason to need a large data plan.  All smart phones can use the WiFi that the school provides. (skynet)

Being organized is extremely important at STLCOP and a smart phone can only aid you in this.

Have a great week!


Ask Nick!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to give all of you the chance to ask me any question!  Anything you ask I will answer and go into detail.  Leave your questions below!

Nintendo 64

Who would have thought that a 64 bit console could hold so much meaning?  My suite-mate Brandon brought his N64 with him from home and it is mind-boggling how much fun it is.  Playing games such as The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask, Super Mario 64, and many more bring back so many great memories of my childhood.

I have also been trying to get back in the groove of schoolwork.  Tomorrow’s going to be a big day!  I need to get a lot of studying done!

The only other thing noteworthy going on at the moment is my new workout routine.  I’m not one to brag, seeing as I’m about as modest as they come, but I think I’ve found a keeper.  I have been so sore lately!  I’ll let you guys know how it goes and if you are interested I’d be happy to post my routine up here.

Be safe guys and remember that everyday is a chance to make a difference!

New Year = Revamped Blog!!!

New Year’s is a time for new beginnings and that’s definitely going to apply to my blog.  Stay tuned because you are going to get to follow my journey through STLCOP in my pursuit of a Doctorate of Pharmacy.  I’ve not been keeping up with it and that is going to change.  I also will work on the whole washer and dryer situation this weekend.  I made a promise and I plan to keep it!

Jamie’s Elsewhere is coming to St. Louis!  If you haven’t heard of this band then you are missing out.  I will be definitely be there.  Everybody should come, and you can get tickets here   Jamie’s Elsewhere is a post-hardcore band.  What does this mean you ask?  Well, you see, this band blends metal with pop-punk.  It’s hard to explain so just listen to one of their great song “They Said A Storm Was Coming” here

Comment and let me know what bands/artists you would like to see come to St. Louis.

Almost Christmas!

Christmas is on the way!  Who would have thought that it would have been here so quickly?  I guess time flies when you are so busy and are having a great time as well.  I work at a pharmacy in my hometown and they keep me very busy.  They are such a blessing to me.  I am learning lots working there, and they are giving me priceless experience.  They just had their annual Christmas dinner and it was a blast!  Not only do they provide a fun work environment, but they also are very patient with me.  Being a pharmacy technician bombards you with new regulations and ways to do things.  It is no wonder how I can come across a new challenge everyday.  Often times I do not know how to handle issues and they have the patience to help me with whatever I need.

Being home also reinforces the fact that there is just so much more to do in St. Louis than Southern Illinois.  Here you have to find something to do where in St. Louis, exciting events are practically handed to you.  It is O.K. however, because the change keeps everything fresh.

I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday!  Keep me posted on what you all are doing this break!