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“Pharmacy, the …

“Pharmacy, the one profession where you have to be a little of everything.”

The biggest piece of advice that I have for any future STLCOP student is to find what you love and pursue that with all you have.  The best Pharmacists are well-rounded and can relate to the individuals they are helping.  It is crucial that Pharmacists have good communication, relational, and empathy skills.  Patients could go online or to the library and find most of the information that they would need from a Pharmacy.  Patients need Pharmacists because this information is in a language that they patient usually cannot understand, and they need help to take this information and use it properly in their everyday lives.  Pharmacy is one of the most trusted professions and this is due to the fact that Pharmacists are known to be not only knowledgeable but approachable.  

Whether you enjoy music, sports, art, or the internet, find an outlet that will help you become a very well-rounded individual.  Jump on every opportunity you can to develop every aspect of your life.  


February Playlist

I enjoy listening to music while I study, work, relax….pretty much anytime!  I thought I would share some of the music that I’ve been hooked onto this past month.

Breathe Carolina – Pretty much anything from their album “Hell Is What You Make It.”  I also have been listening to their song “Hello Fascination.”  This artist uses dance floor beats with crazy hooks.  It’s hard for me to listen to them and not instantly grin.

Chevelle – “Well Enough Alone” 

Citizen Cope – “Let the Drummer Kick”

David Guetta – Just like Breathe Carolina, I’m a sucker for a good hook.  I’ve been listening to his “Nothing But The Beat” album constantly.

Escape the Fate – “Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche”

For All Those Sleeping – “Run Away”

Lifehouse – “All In”

Paramore – “Monster”

Yellowcard – “Lights and Sounds”

Have a great week!